International delegations

Through coordinating international delegations of university staff and officials to and from the UK, we aim to create opportunities for UK institutions to establish new relationships and joint projects with the rest of the world.

Details of forthcoming visits to and from the UK being led or supported by UUKi are listed below, along with contact details to request further information or express interest in participating. 

How do we work with other UK and overseas agencies?

When planning and delivering international delegations we often work closely with partners including the British Council, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Trade (DIT Education), as well as overseas governments and national university associations.

This collaborative approach brings a greater quantity and quality of opportunities for UK universities to participate in international missions. When it comes to outbound missions of UK university representatives overseas, drawing on local expertise and contact networks enhances the experiences of all involved.

How do we decide where to go?

Delegations are major projects, representing a substantial investment of resources and staff time. To ensure that our delegations accurately reflect UK universities' interests, we regularly consult UUKi regional networks and undertake a yearly survey of international activity to guide our forward planning.  

Who can participate in delegations? 

Participation in international missions varies according to the nature of each project. Typically UUKi delegations encourage interest from university senior leadership teams or from director-level staff with a strategic role supporting internationalisation. Where delegations adopt a particular focus or theme, interest may also be encouraged from senior academics or others with relevant expertise. Regardless of the specific area of interest, we aim to ensure that international missions appropriately reflect the breadth and diversity of UK higher education. 

UK government delegations 

Where UK ministers and other VIPs travel internationally and wish to invite UK university staff to accompany them, we are typically charged with gathering expressions of interest from across the sector and relaying them to the relevant government department for consideration.  

We may make recommendations for participation in such visits – to ensure that the composition of the delegation appropriately represents the diversity of the UK sector – but do not take the final decision on participation.