About Universities UK International

Our purpose is to enable UK universities to flourish internationally through our unique ability to represent them and act in their collective interests. 

Formerly the UK Higher Education International Unit, we changed our name to Universities UK International (UUKi) on 1 August 2016. This reflects our status as an integral part of Universities UK, increasingly funded by its member vice-chancellors to play a unique role in supporting their international activity. 

We are also accountable to our other funders, including GuildHE and the four national higher education funding bodies for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Thus our remit is to represent the international interests of the whole UK higher education sector.

Our vision and aims

Our vision is to be an influential, trusted and credible voice for UK universities internationally which, through our knowledge, expertise, networks and strategic partnerships, adds value to what individual universities can do in working to achieve their international aims.

We aim to:

  • enable universities to develop and deliver strong international strategies

  • influence the policy and regulatory environment through our ability to represent UK universities

  • create diverse opportunities through strategic partnerships 

Who we work with

In representing the sector as a whole, we work closely with higher education institutions, sector organisations and government organisations, including:

  • British Council

  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

  • Department for International Development

  • Department for Education

  • Department for International Trade (DIT Education)

  • Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland)

  • Universities Scotland

  • Scottish Government

  • Universities Wales

  • Welsh Government 

 UUKi staff list

 Who we are accountable to