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Themes and Lessons: HEBRG symposium on the future of higher education regulation in the UK

9 June 2014

Report page On 12 March 2014 Higher Education Better Education Group (HEBRG) hosted the Symposium on the Future of Higher Education Regulation in the UK.

This event was attended by over forty invited participants from Scotland, England and Wales including:

  • academia 
  • government 
  • students 
  • higher education-related agencies 
  • higher education regulators 
  • traditional higher education institutions 
  • independent higher education providers 
  • representative organisations

The Symposium was divided into two half-day sessions: 

  1. Views of the future and the case for a new Higher Education Act for England. 
  2. Intra-national perspectives and points of divergence in a UK-wide sector.

This document is a summary of the Symposium intended to capture the themes and lessons taken away by participants.


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