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Testing times: UK health research in a global marketplace

20 December 2007

Universities UK has published this Policy Briefing at a time when the UK faces increased competition in the global market for health research.

The UK has been a world leader in this area but other countries are rapidly developing their capacity. At the same time pharmaceutical companies are going outside their traditional markets to test new products. Meanwhile the national policy landscape has been changing.

UK produces world-leading research

9 February 2018
Universities UK data shows that research from UK higher education institutions is highly respected across the world and brings in billions of pounds to the economy.

UUK and CBI to look at decline in part-time students and future skills needs

6 February 2018
Universities UK is going to work with the CBI to look at whether higher education can introduce more flexible ways of learning to meet the changing needs of students and employers.

Understanding student suicide

16 February 2018
John de Pury, UUK's policy lead on mental health, discusses the issue of student suicide, including suicide prevention and response.

Disappearing part-time and mature students: time for change

6 February 2018
Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Wales, discusses the importance of part-time and mature students and the future needs of employers. Universities UK is launching a new project to look at the matter.