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Measuring and recording student achievement

4 November 2004
The report of the Measuring and Recording Student Achievement Scoping Group chaired by Professor Robert Burgess. It contains recommendations for taking forward work in a number of areas which will be the key to realising a successful future for UK higher education, providing a sound basis for describing, measuring, recording and communicating student achievement in the Twenty-first century.


Universities UK planning more talks with UCU to end pensions dispute

14 March 2018
Following the University and College Union’s (UCU) rejection of the proposals jointly agreed at ACAS this week, Universities UK is planning more, urgent talks with UCU to end the dispute.



USS Pensions Update

18 March 2018
UUK's Chief Executive, Alistair Jarvis, provides an update on USS Pensions.

Subject-level TEF – a done deal or the start of a consultation?

12 March 2018
Today saw a lot of media coverage and fanfare around a new 'degree course ranking' system. In reality, this was simply the launch of a long-awaited consultation on how to implement a subject-level version of the Teaching Excellence Framework.