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Horizon Scanning

1 September 2013

The question addressed is ‘What will higher education look like in 2020’? Rather than commit to predictions that inevitably will not be realised, the paper selects a number of current trends and considers their consequences for the higher education sector in the UK and elsewhere over this short timeframe.

It is written for a core audience of UK higher education institutions and policy-makers but its scope is international.

In order to unwrap the implications of current developments for the near future, the main themes addressed in this paper are: international mobility and TNE, technology and the MOOCs phenomenon, partnerships and networks, leadership and management, trade liberalisation, funding, and rankings as an institutionalisation of competition.



Comres poll: public views on international students

New ComRes poll: majority of British public would like to see the same number or more international students

13 April 2017
Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the British public would like to see the same number or more international students coming to study in the UK, after discovering the contribution they make to the economy and the jobs they generate.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester elected onto board of European University Association

7 April 2017
The election of Professor Paul Boyle onto the EUA board was announced at the EUA's annual conference taking place this week in Bergen (Norway).


Go International – try more, do more, fear less

1 November 2017
Simmone Mclean, student at the University of Northampton, discusses her life-changing experience of studying abroad as part of her degree.

Further developments on student migration data

24 August 2017
As the Home Office and Office for National Statistics release new migration data, UUK's Eleanor Jubb analyses the implications for the higher education sector.