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Response to Science and Technology Committee Brexit report

18 November 2016

Universities UK responded today to the Science and Technology Committee report on the implications and opportunities for science and research following the vote to leave the EU. MPs on the committee are calling on the government to make an immediate commitment to exempt EU scientists and researchers already working in the UK from wider potential immigration controls.


Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK, said: “In order to ensure that UK universities can retain talented EU staff, the UK government should provide assurances about their ability to remain in the UK long-term as soon as possible. EU staff contribute enormously to the excellent research, teaching and professional services at our universities, and there is fierce global competition for them. If the message from the UK government is that they are not welcome to stay and work here, they will be eagerly recruited by our competitors.

“If universities are to thrive following the UK’s exit from the EU, it is essential that staff and students from across the world can come to the UK without unnecessary administrative burdens.

“We hope the government uses next week's autumn statement to show that the UK wants to retain and build on its reputation for world-leading research. If we are to keep up with our international competitors and overcome the global challenges we face today, the government must substantially increase public investment in science and research.

“We also support the report’s recommendation to appoint a Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department for Exiting the EU. This would help to ensure that the significant implications of leaving the EU for science and research were adequately reflected in the government’s post-exit plans.”

Key Contacts

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

Media Relations Manager
Universities UK

Clara Plackett

Clara Plackett

Press and Social Media Officer
Universities UK


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