The power of part-time: Review of part-time and mature higher education 

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Date: 16 Oct 2013
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ISBN: 978-1-84036-295-4 
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This report describes why part-time undergraduate study is important for skills, for society and for individuals; how it is changing; and what influences are likely to be having an impact, especially in England. It concludes with a set of recommendations aimed at a wide variety of stakeholders, as well as a commitment for further UUK work in this area.

UUK consulted widely during this review, with students, employers, universities, colleges and stakeholder organisations. We also examined the available research evidence.

This report acts as an urgent initial assessment, identifying areas for immediate action, as well as the areas where more information is needed so that the right policy decisions can be made.

Part-time undergraduate higher education is an essential and substantial part of the higher education sector. There were nearly half a million people in the UK studying part-time at undergraduate level in 2011-12, making up 29% of the UK undergraduate population. Yet across the sector, numbers are declining.

Interviews with Professor Sir Eric Thomas, Tricia King, Professor Claire Callender, Emma Barnes, Dr Alison Le Cornu, Stephen Fox and Sarah Howls talking about part-time education and the Universities UK review of part-time and mature higher education.

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