The funding environment for universities: an assessment 

Funding Environment for Universities 
Date: 5 Jun 2013
Size: 64 pages (6.24 MB)
Format: Hard Copy; Download 
ISBN: 978-1-84036-286-2 
  • Provision of HE
  • Funding and the economy - general
  • Immigration

  • Reports
  • Analysis

This report examines the impact on the higher education sector of the changes that have taken place in recent years in the funding of undergraduate students, and in student immigration arrangements.

The report predominantly focuses on three areas of higher education provision in the UK:
• UK- and EU-domiciled undergraduate students
• UK- and EU-domiciled postgraduate students
• Non-EU-domiciled undergraduate and postgraduate students

It analyses changes in these three areas of student provision along with changes in capital funding. Implications for the long-term financial sustainability of the higher education sector are also set out.

For each area, the report examines demand from students and provision supplied by institutions in the years leading up to 2012–13. In addition, it explores 2012–13 outcomes as far as the available data allows. It also analyses the potential factors driving changes in supply and demand in the run-up to 2012–13.

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