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Facts and stats

University spending explained

This interactive explainer shows how universities in England spend their money, and how all of this ultimately benefits the paying student.

Clearing 2017 in numbers

Key facts and figures about the 2017 UCAS undergraduate cycle, updated daily from A-level results day.
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Higher education in numbers

Key facts and figures about UK higher education, from the numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate students to how much universities contribute to the UK economy.
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Our data analysis reports

Our annual data analysis publications: 'Higher education in facts and figures', and 'Patterns and trends in UK higher education'.
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Impact of universities

The UK's universities are among the best in the world – they have an impact on all aspects of life in the UK, and they’re vital for our future.
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Brexit FAQs for universities and students

Advice and guidance for universities and students following the EU referendum result.


Response to latest UCAS applicant figures

2 February 2017
Universities UK responded today to the latest UCAS applicant figures. They show that applicant numbers for UK students are down by 5% compared to last year, and down 7% for EU students.

Response to HESA 2015–16 student data

12 January 2017
Universities UK has responded to the latest data on students from HESA

Publication to improve public understanding of how universities are funded

20 July 2016
University funding explained seeks to help improve the public's understanding of how universities are funded. It highlights how universities raise income from a wide range of sources and explains how universities manage this funding.

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Report looks at latest trends in UK higher education

3 December 2015
Patterns and Trends presents a range of data on the changing size and shape of UK higher education.

Students with exam results

More 18-year-olds than ever secure a place

13 August 2015
Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK, congratulated students today on their A-level results as more 18 year olds than ever applied to university.

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Universities UK launches new video on the value of universities

26 June 2015
Universities UK has launched a new animated video highlighting the role universities play in transforming lives through education and research and how universities help boost jobs, skills and productivity in all parts of the UK.


What are university graduates doing now?

18 August 2017
UUK's Stephanie Harris looks at the employment outcomes of graduates.