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Research in universities: successful strategies for 2017 and beyond

5 Dec 2017, 09:30 - 16:30
20 Tavistock Square 
United Kingdom


A one-day, national conference for all those with strategic responsibility for research in universities and the wider higher education sector. Research in universities: successful strategies for 2017 and beyond will offer delegates from a diverse range of institutions in the UK the opportunity to examine the changing research infrastructure and landscape, including:

  • Research funding changes, challenges and opportunities – both domestic and international
  • The Research Excellence Framework and how it affects what we ask of people
  • Best practice in developing research talent and skills
  • Successful collaboration and new opportunities to work together
  • The move towards Open Access, the potential barriers and future successes​

Why are we talking about university research now?​

The research infrastructure and landscape is undergoing significant change, with Brexit and the transition to UKRI and Research England. The sector is also spearheading innovations in research – with a move towards open access and by reinforcing the skills and opportunities for researchers. It is vital that those responsible for research and research strategy in higher education have a full understanding of the changes and a clear analysis of them, to align their research strategy most effectively

​We have a range of sponsorship opportunities​ available at this event. Please contact Rachael Firth, Head of Events and Conferences for information. tel: 020 7419 5402; email: rachael.firth@universitiesuk.ac.uk

Rachael Firth

Rachael Firth

Head of Events and Conferences
Universities UK

Agnes Jacobs

Agnes Jacobs

Events Producer
Universities UK

Katie Ross

Katie Ross

Events Officer
Universities UK

Holly Wildish-Jones

Holly Wildish-Jones

Events and Marketing Assistant
Universities UK


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