Dental Schools Council

The Dental Schools Council represents the interests and ambitions of UK dental schools as they relate to the generation of national health, wealth and knowledge through research, education and the practice of dentistry.

Its strategic aims are to:

  • be a principal source for informed opinion and advice on all matters concerning dental education and research in dental schools in the United Kingdom; on relations between dental schools, medical schools, the National Health Service and other clinical care providers; and on relations with university dental schools and faculties in other countries
  • work to improve and maintain quality in basic dental education, clinical dental training and dental research, and to facilitate sharing of experience
  • be the principal source for informed opinion and advice on all matters concerning the roles and functions of staff and honorary staff of dental schools
  • promote dental education and research through collaboration with Universities UK, the higher education funding bodies, the National Health Service, government departments, the General Dental Council, the medical royal colleges, the research councils, dental research charities, the Association of Medical Research Charities, the Medical Schools Council, the Association of UK University Hospitals, the British Dental Association, the Council of Postgraduate Dental Deans and other organisations
  • serve as a point of reference for the media
  • promote equal opportunities in all aspects of dental education, research and training
  • consider such other matters as the Dental Schools Council shall direct

The members of the Dental Schools Council are the heads or deans of the 18 dental schools in the UK, including all 16 universities offering the undergraduate dental degree. All members meet three times a year. Each dental school pays a yearly subscription to be part of the Dental Schools Council. A full list of members can be found on the Dental Schools Council website.

Based at Woburn House, the Dental Schools Council's five members of staff (who work part-time for the Dental Schools Council alongside other organisations including MSC, AUKUH and PhSC) are:

  • Executive Director – Dr Katie Petty-Saphon
  • Executive Assistant – Barbara Anderson
  • Senior Policy Officer – Siobhan Fitzpatrick
  • Policy Officer – Emily Burn
  • Communications and Website Officer – Edward Knight