Current opportunities for collaboration

The grid below highlights some of the projects and topics for which Newton partner country researchers are currently seeking a UK collaborator or a UK host institution for British Council calls. It is possible to sort entries alphabetically by "Research area"; "Partner country"; "Partner institution" and "Call". 
To request further information about any of the projects and their lead applicants, please contact us at​ specifying which project you are interested in, and we will provide you with further details.   

PhD supervision (Full or Placement) = PhD programme​
Newton Fund priority areas; keywords
Proposed project or topic for collaboration

​Environmental challenges, Water management & security​, aroma of roses, whey sweet, Chemistry-Oxygen-Demand, NMR

​Research on the assessment of the production of PEA and the reduction of lactose by K. marxianus from whey from the cheese industry.​​​

Agri-technologyMexicoUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de HidalgoRL (Travel Grants)
 Agri-technology, ​Health, Food security 

The proposed project will focus on the NONI (Morinda citrifolia) fruit. There is a growing production of seed-based shrinkage, whose structure is covered with a hard layer and whose endosperm is difficult to extract, so it is proposed to study the germination technique to take advantage of its bioactive properties and give it the appropriate use to contribute to human health.​​​​​​

Bio-technologyPeruUniversidad Señor de SipánRL (Travel Grants)
Infectious diseases; Helicobacter pylori Infection; Antimicrobial resistance
The research will focus on Helicobacter pylori infection​. The aim of the research will be to strengthen our abilities in the follow-up of the infection, its early diagnosis and the evaluation of susceptibility to Helicobacter pylori.
HealthPeruUniversida Peruana Cayetano HerediaRL (Travel Grants)
industrial processing of plant waste: peels, seeds, leaves, etc. as a corrosion inhibitor
The project will focus on the use of agroindustrial wastes and the study of the properties of the inhibitors that will allow to evaluate the possibilities of their application as protection against the corrosion of steel in salt solutions. The study will also focused on techniques of evaluation of inhibitors such as electrochemical noise and others techniques and techniques of characterization such as SEM, TEM, Raman, FIRT, etc.​
BiodiversityPeruNational University of EngineeringRL (Travel Grants)

Wastewater Treatment; Remediation; Environmental challenges​

Research on water treatment by AOPs as an alternative of water remediation and treatment

Water management & securityPeruNational University of EngineeringRL (Travel Grants)

​Health; Agriculture; Education; Cultural Heritage​; Gastro-marketing

​The proposed workshop will focus on the improvement of native potatoes commercial line in the peruvian Andes, meanwhile working on the aspects of malnutrition and anemia that directly affect potato producers and their families.​

Agri-technology and BiodiversityPeruLe Cordon Bleu PeruRL (Workshops)
​Aquaculture; Aquaculture nutrition; Alternative sources of protein in aquaculture; Use of insects in aquaculture​
The objective of the research travel will be to research into the development of aquaculture food using insect meal as a partial substitute for fishmeal and evaluation of effects on cultured individuals.​
BiodiversityPeruPeruvian University Cayetano HerediaRL (Travel Grants)

​Water management & security; Debris flow; Hydrology; Hydrological modelling; Hydrodynamic; Remote sensing​

​The proposed workshop will focus on the impact of climate change on the availability and volume of water resources, aimed at the occurrence of droughts, floods and debris flow, and control and mitigation measures.​

Climate Change and Resilience to natural disastersPeruNational University of Engineering RL (Workshops)

​Health, Agri-technology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Food security, Nanotecnology, Water purification​

The proposed research will focus on the search for new methods of treatment and obtaining of drinking water in the equatorial and tropical zones, that undergo prolonged droughts or water pollution, and its impact on vulnerable populations.
​Water management & securityPeruUniversidad Nacional CallaoRL (Travel Grants)