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Networks and specialist communities


Our networks bring together staff from across the UK higher education sector with a shared interest in a specific world region or thematic area of university internationalisation.  

Network meetings provide a forum for participants to share best practice, to discuss specific issues, challenges and emerging opportunities, and help to ensure that Universities UK International accurately reflects UK universities' priorities in relation to specific world regions and thematic areas of activity.  

Regional networks 

Our regional networks typically meet twice a year. Between meetings participants receive email updates providing information and advice on specific issues, together with details of new opportunities and invitations to take part in occasional surveys and consultations.  

The regional networks are open to UK university staff working in internationalisation, partnership, recruitment and related international functions focusing on each network's region. We also encourage participation from international directors, regional managers, international officers, and pro-vice-chancellors for internationalisation. Register your interest here.  

Mostafa Al-MossallamiAfrica and Development Network

Organiser: Mostafa Al-Mossallami

Email: mostafa.al-mossallami@international.ac.uk   

Joseph TaylorAsia Network

Organiser: Joseph Taylor

Email: joseph.taylor@international.ac.uk   

Stephanie KleynhansEurope Network

Organiser: Stephanie Kleynhans

Email: stephanie.kleynhans@international.ac.uk  

Safia ThiouneLatin America Network

Organiser: Safia Thioune

Email: safia.thioune@international.ac.uk  

Emily JudsonMiddle East and North Africa (MENA) Network

Organiser: Emily Judson

Email: emily.judson@international.ac.uk


Outward Mobility Network

For individuals working in outward student mobility in higher education, be it in study, work or volunteering abroad. Regular updates and consultations are sent out to the network via a private JISCmail list.   

Organiser: Catriona Hanks

Email: outwardmobility@international.ac.uk


Newton Fund Network

For all UK-based colleagues with an interest in the Newton Fund, from academics to research managers and international office staff. To become a member of the Newton Fund Network please subscribe here. 

Organiser: Rachael Sara-Kennedy

Email: rachael.sara-kennedy@international.ac.uk


Pro-Vice-Chancellor Network


Organiser: Sean O'Connor

Email: sean.oconnor@international.ac.uk