Medical Schools Council

The Medical Schools Council represents the interests and ambitions of UK Medical Schools as they relate to the generation of national health, wealth and knowledge through biomedical research and the profession of medicine. It is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. As an organisation it occupies a unique position, embracing medical undergraduate education and the entirety of health-related research, and it sits at the critical interface with the health service, postgraduate education and training. Its strategic aims are:

  • To be the authoritative voice of all UK Medical Schools
  • To provide high-quality services which add value for members
  • To respond proactively to the development and change that characterises the interface between Higher Education and the NHS
  • To facilitate the transition between undergraduate and postgraduate environments
  • To optimise the quality of medical education and to be a global leader in the assessment arena
  • To promote clinical academic careers and the development of AHSNs
  • To support the high-quality, health-related research in all medical schools, recognising that the nature and scale of such research will differ between institutions
  • To maintain close working relationships with partner institutions

The members of the Medical Schools Council are the heads or deans of the 33 undergraduate Medical Schools in the UK, plus the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (postgraduate). All members meet four times a year, and there is an executive board which meets six times a year. Each school pays a yearly subscription to be part of the Medical Schools Council, and its subsidiary charity MSC Assessment.

The Medical Schools Council Secretariat

Based at Woburn House, the Medical Schools Council is made up of eleven staff-members:

  • Chief Executive– Dr Katie Petty-Saphon
  • Policy Adviser – Clare Owen
  • Policy Adviser – Siobhan Fitzpatrick
  • Policy Adviser – Veronica Davids
  • Senior Policy Officer – Oliver Watson
  • Senior Policy & Project Officer – Olga Sierocinska
  • Communications and Website Officer – Edward Knight
  • Policy Officer - Emily Burn
  • Policy Support Officer - Gareth Booth
  • Team administrator - Emma Horan
  • Team administrator - Thomas Marsh